Our Approach

Company Background

Alante Security is a certified Veteran Owned Small Business. We are also Certified as a Minority Business Enterprise by NYC, New York State and the Port Authority of NY/NJ.

We specialize in Patrol, Investigations and Crime Prevention services to governmental, residential, industrial and commercial businesses throughout the Metropolitan area. Approximately 65% of our monthly hours are provided to 25 GSA locations in New York City and Westchester. Our total workload this year will be in excess 390,000 hours.

Our founder and President, Luis A. Lopez, a retired Sergeant from the New York City Police Department has over twenty-five years experience in some of the Police Department’s most diverse units. Mr. Lopez was assigned to Uniformed Patrol commands, Plainclothes/Undercover Narcotics, Public Morals, Robbery Investigation Units and the Police Commissioner’s specialized Community Affairs and Immigrants Liaison Units.

Alante is fully licensed by the State of New York as a Security Guard Company and as an Alarm Installer and Responder. We are also licensed to provide security guard services in the State of New Jersey. We train our employees on patrol and investigative techniques, CPR/AED/First Aid, report writing and client specific subjects.

Our goals of professionalism and commitment to quality have been maintained through the placement of many former or retired law enforcement personnel in key positions. Alante Security includes among its Administrators, Supervisors and Trainers, numerous former NYPD Managers, Supervisors, Detectives, Police Officers, and College Level Instructors, who are Certified New York State Security Guard Instructors, both for armed and unarmed training.

The executive and administrative staff, whose composite background and experience in law enforcement is extensive, supervises all Alante Security Group services. Their tenure with the New York City Police Department, New York Office FBI Joint Organized Crime Task Forces, Long Island Counties’ Police Departments and our close liaison with other local law enforcement agencies, assures our clients the best in security related services and a complete understanding of law enforcement demands and responsibilities.

Alante currently provides both armed and unarmed security services to more than fifty individual locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area. Our workforce, both full and part-time, presently includes more than 175 armed and 100 unarmed Security Officers with 39 supervisors and an administrative staff of eight.

Experience and Qualifications

Alante Security Group Inc. has been a provider of security services since January 1992. The list below is comprised of current and former agencies serviced.

  • Federal Aviation Administration – JFK Airport, Queens County
  • Food and Drug Administration – Jamaica, Queens County
  • Social Security Administration–Offices in Queens, Brooklyn NY, and New Jersey
  • US Citizenship & Immigration Services – Offices in Queens and New Jersey
  • Internal Revenue Service – Offices in Queens, Brooklyn NY, and New Jersey
  • Office of Hearing Appeals Offices in Queens, Brooklyn NY, and New Jersey
  • US Merchant Marine Academy – Great Neck, Long Island
  • The Joseph P. Addabbo building – Jamaica, NY

These contracts are for armed and unarmed security officers, and unarmed video surveillance monitors. These task orders total approximately 3,900 hours each week. Additionally, Alante supplies security services to construction companies for protection of personnel and materials at job sites, educational facilities to prevent intruders, and retail establishments to help control losses. Alante has provided security services, both armed and unarmed to more than one hundred-fifty locations throughout the Tri-State Area.

Alante Security has been the primary contractor in each case listed. Throughout our history, we have served our clients in relatively few cases as a subcontractor. We are proud to state that Alante Security has never had a contract/task order terminated for default or for performance issues. Contracts have been obtained in response to an RFP or as a result of referrals or repeat business from established customers.

Our ability to provide the most professional, and efficient service possible to our clients is largely attributed to the efforts of our supervisory field personnel. A supervisor’s role is to exhibit leadership and ensure that the job gets done. At the Alante Security Group Inc. training facility our supervisors are trained to be truly effective, using the most modern methods of instruction to enhance professionalism. They lead by example, are thoroughly familiar with the tasks and responsibilities of the various assignments personnel are assigned to, understand human nature and its effect on learning and retention, and they maintain a high level of integrity. Our training staff are truly professionals in their own right.

This perpetuates a professional attitude and demeanor that will gain and reinforce a positive image of security personnel and the industry itself. In so far as accessibility and response time are concerned, Alante Security Group Inc. possesses a fleet of hybrid and ultra-fuel efficient vehicles equipped with GPS systems.

This mobile availability allows for a faster response time by our supervisors to emergencies and incidents should they arise. It also increases the frequency with which we can personally correspond and interact with our guards and clients. It enables us to cover a larger geographical area in a shorter period of time. All our clients are provided with contact numbers that can be used to reach key administrators and personnel of Alante Security Group Inc. regardless of time or day.

Alante Security Group Inc. is an equal opportunity employment firm and as such we do not discriminate in our hiring practices. We stress the importance of professionalism and encourage all Alante Security Group Inc. personnel to strive for excellence in all that they do. Success comes from working together as a dedicated group of professionals with a common objective, and our objective here at Alante Security Group Inc. is to provide our customers with the highest quality service possible.

Emergency Response

Security Guards on post are provided with a cellular Phone in order to report emergencies without delay. Our personnel are trained to contact the local authorities in cases of accident, theft or injury promptly. They will also document any unusual occurrences on our incident form. A copy of the incident form will be provided to you for review and filing, in the event it is ever necessary for production during any legal proceedings. In the event of an emergency, Alante’s Mobile Supervision Team and a member of Alante’s administrative staff will respond to the facility.


Alante avoids scheduling different guards to a specific location. Instead, our intention is to develop a core crew of personnel who become intimately knowledgeable of the staff, conditions and requirements of a specific job site. We then have one or two guards or more, depending on the needs of the location, on standby for call outs, sickness, vacations or requests for extra coverage. In this manner we tailor the coverage to the needs of the specific client.

Our Valiant© time keeping system alerts Alante’s management team of lateness or open posts in real time. In the event that a guard is running late or unable to cover his/her shift, our Supervisor will utilize our reserve force. In the rare instance a replacement is unavailable our Supervisor will respond to the location in order to assume the post.

Schedules are prepared a week in advance. Schedules are available for review upon request. Modifications are made as needed. This ensures proper coverage for our clients sites.

Our Story